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The adjustable SAPILUX shading system has been designed to guarantee ideal conditions in every surrounding. It allows infiltration of light according to wish and helps in achieving a pleasant inside temperature at any time of the day.
The shading system absorbs up to 70% of the solar heat and helps to reduce climatisation cost up to 30%. Its simple and elegant structure is easy adaptable to all kinds of constructions such as private dwellings, officea, factories, restaurants, hospitals, schools, sports centers and hotels: whareverthe necessity arises to create controled light infiltration.
The SAPILUX shading system can easily installed direct on to the wall or on to supporting brackets. The system can be operated manually or via a wall mounted switch or with radio control.
Operating the SAPILUX shading system allows you to maintain the required light intesity by moving the blades to an ideal angle with respect to the position of the sun.

- It can be installed onto any type of roof or wall aither vertically or horisontally
- Durable but lighweight parts which resiste any kind of weather conditions.
- It can save up to 30% on cooling and heating costs.
- The degree of the blades can variated accordingly even room by room, to archieve the best possible shading effect.

- SAPILUX ® S 600
- SAPILUX ® C 85


Blades: SAPILUX Aluminium perforated slat, without coating, non anodized non powder coated, non zinced.
- Shaft: extruded aluminium shaft, cut to size, with metric holes for the screws.
- 230 V single phase motor for outer use, IP 55.

Accesories: Plastic and aluminium parts which are necessary for the assembling of the product.

The following non included accessories can be ordered to the SAPILUX Shading System:
- switch
- radio transmitter control box
- remote control
- meteorological unit (wind-, sun-, rain sensor)



Thincknesses available (mm): 0,5 and 0,6 or the other thinkness on request.
- Weight (kg/lm): 0,148 for 5/10 strips; 0,178 for 6/10 strips
- Suitable carriers: sunshade 30° and 45°, aluminium 8/10, 0,399 kg per lm.
- Strips incidence (n. of strips per sqm): 14,32 con frangisole 30°, 11,80 con frangisole 45°.
- Assembly method: the strip snaps into place on every kind of carrier and it is finished against the wall with steel or aluminium wall angle 25x25.
- Special characteristics: SAPILUX C 85 strip can be use indoor or exterior surfaces with corrert thicknesses and paints.

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